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About Susan McGill and Fashion Design Work

I’ve always been interested in fashion. When I started designing my own clothes, I knew I could create a career in fashion design and start creating clothes everyone would love to wear. Now, I’d like to help others start their fashion design career and learn how to design amazing clothes.

Why is Figure Drawing Necessary?

Figure drawing is a crucial part of fashion design. Whenever I create a new piece, it starts with a sketch of someone wearing the piece. This means I need to figure sketch the human figure, then sketch the piece I’m thinking about. If you’d like to start working on creating your own pieces, you’re going to want to start by learning how to draw the human figure.

How to Get Started in Faction Design

Once you can quickly sketch the human figure, you’ll want to start working on your design. I usually sketch quite a few different options before deciding on the best one to move forward with. There’s a lot more to fashion design than just sketching options and deciding which one looks the best, however. On my website, you can learn more about everything you need to know to start creating your own pieces and to get your foot into the world of fashion design.