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Different Kind of Posting

I’m surprised at how cleansing it felt to type all that out. So I decided to just…. pivot the direction of this blog for a bit while I deal with what’s happening. What’s happening, in development from last time, is that we lost our mother. It was expected – within the forty-eight hour period from… Read More

Lack of Posting

Excuse our lack of posting, we’ve had a massive family emergency and we’re taking some professional time off to deal with a sick mother. I always thought my mother was a fixture, a strong focused woman with a quirky sense of humor who would always answer my phone calls, always text too much, and always… Read More

Fashion Design Portfolio Tips For The Beginner Designer

A fashion designer is a type of artist who designs clothing, shoes, or accessories for manufacturers to produce and sell. Many designers are hired by clothing manufacturers or fashion design firms, but about 25% of designers are self-employed. The career can be highly rewarding for those who have the right combination of technical skills and… Read More

Fashion Design Sketches and Techniques to Include in Your Designer Portfolio

“Cutthroat” is the word most commonly used to describe the world of fashion design. Whether you’re creating a portfolio to try to get into design school, you’re creating a portfolio to show to potential employers, or you’re creating a portfolio to show to potential clients, you need to make sure your portfolio showcases your best… Read More

Fashion Design: Why Apparel and Clothes Design is Important

People tend to show their personal preferences and their personality through their clothing choices. You can set a trend, present a new style, or simply feel comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings with the clothes you choose to don. Furthermore, the right clothes can boost your self-esteem and confidence. In fact, clothing has a significant influence on… Read More