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Drawing people and other figures seems daunting to most people who haven’t spent a lot of time trying to do it. Creating realistic drawings is difficult, but it can be easier for you to do if you take the time to really learn how to draw figures. When you’re drawing the human figure, breaking down the basic image into shapes will help you figure out how everything works together and enable you to create the basic figure you want before you begin adding more details.

If you’re ready to learn how to draw, you only need a few supplies. While you can spend a lot on art supplies, get started with just a pencil, some paper, and a good quality eraser. Then, sit down and check out the online drawing lessons available today. They’ll provide the information you need to start drawing figures and to continue to improve so you can draw anything you can imagine.

Draw Lightly, Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes

When you’re learning how to draw human figures, you’re going to make a lot of mistakes. Even though drawing can be broken down into more simple steps you can follow along with, you’re not going to get it right the first time. In fact, it may take you a while to get a figure you’re happy with.

The good news is, with the right lessons and plenty of practice, you can learn to draw realistic figures. You’ll want to start by learning the process to create the figures and then practice often. Do not be afraid to make mistakes as you’re practicing. If you draw lightly, without pressing down too hard on the pencil, you can easily erase anything you might draw and try again.

If you’d like to really see your progress, purchase an inexpensive sketchbook to work on your figures. By the time you complete the sketchbook, you’ll be able to see a huge difference in how well you can draw figures. You might be surprised at just how far you’ve come and how short of a time it took for you to learn to draw figures that look realistic.

Basic Shapes Make Up Any Figure

Many drawing classes are going to break the human figure into basic shapes, then build upon those shapes to create the actual figure. This enables you to start with the basic shapes you already know how to draw and then add onto them until you draw the figure you have in mind.

Most of what you may be interested in drawing, whether it’s a human figure or a building, can be broken down into rectangles, circles, and triangles. These basic shapes work together to create the base of the figure you want to draw. You’ll then add onto these shapes to fill them out, connect them together, and make them start to look like the figure you want to draw.

Creaking down the human body into basic shapes gives you the chance to play around with proportion, position, and size. You can easily adjust your basic figure when it’s just shapes to change how it might look when you’re done with the drawing. Adding a different position or changing the proportions can have a significant impact on how your drawing turns out.

Start Drawing Your Figure by Using Basic Shapes

You’ll want to remember to draw lightly so you can adjust the shapes as needed to get the right proportions and make sure the figure is in the position you have imagined. Take your time with this step, as it’s the basis for the entire rest of your drawing and can significantly impact how the drawing looks when it’s done.

When you’re drawing the human figure with shapes, it won’t look like a human at first. It will have the same basic outline of a human, but you shouldn’t expect it to look realistic at this point. It may look a little bit more like a flexible robot. However, once you start to build on the basic shapes, you’ll start to see the figure coming together. This takes quite a bit of practice, but it can be done by anyone who wants to learn to draw.

Make Sure You Have Proportions Correct

The most important part of drawing lessons that focus on the human figure is the proportions. It’s difficult to say how tall to make your figure, because you may want to draw someone who is very tall or someone who is very short. If you plan on having two people in your drawing, they’ll likely be different heights. Instead, there is another way to make sure your proportions are correct.

When you’re drawing the human figure, base your measurements on the size of the figure’s head. If you’re drawing a figure that is standing upright, draw the head first and measure down 8 equal spaces. This will give you the change to measure your proportions easily so you can make sure they’re correct. The pelvic bone for your figure should be on line four, while your figure’s knees will be on line 6.

With these measurements, draw basic circles for the head, pelvic bone, and knees. Add basic shapes to show the size of their torso, arms, legs, hands, and feet. You now have the basic figure sketched and can start working on the details for your drawing.

Start Filling Out Your Drawing and Adding Details

When you take drawing classes online, you’ll be able to move on from the basic shapes to the full figure by adding in details a little bit at a time. The body can be broken down into basic shapes, but you’ll need to connect them together properly, start sketching the person’s full form, and even add details like the clothing they might be wearing.

This is often the biggest step in learning how to draw figures as it takes quite a bit of time. However, you will quickly start to see your figure take shape. The more you work on filling out the basic form and adding in details, the more realistic your drawing will be. Again, don’t be afraid to try different things here and see what works and what doesn’t. Your eraser should always be ready just in case you want to get rid of something and try again.

Finalize Your Figure or Add Color

When your figure starts to look realistic and it has all of the details you want, you can erase any lines that take away from the drawing or that shouldn’t be there. You can keep the drawing just the way it is and move onto another figure. However, if you’d like to do more, you can use a pen to finish the drawing or you can add color to it.

You can use whatever medium you prefer to add color to your drawing. If you’re using paint, especially if you’re using watercolor, be careful to make sure your drawing doesn’t smear because of the paint. You can also use colored pencils or crayons, or anything you have on hand to add just a little color or to completely color the figure you’ve drawn. Carefully adding color allows you to make the drawing even more realistic, especially if you pay attention to skin tones and shadows.

Take Classes to Learn to Draw Figures

If you’d like to start learning to draw figures, your best bet is to look into the online drawing lessons available today. These lessons give you the chance to learn more about how to draw figures and will take you step-by-step through the process, starting with drawing basic shapes and making sure your proportions are correct. When you’re done with the lessons, you should be able to draw at least basic human figures.

Keep practicing and taking further classes to improve your ability to draw human figures. You are not going to perfect this overnight, but you will continue to improve as long as you continue to practice. Try out different ways of drawing, practice and see what happens if you adjust the proportions a little bit, and experiment with your drawings. Even when you make a mistake, you’re learning how to do it better next time.

Drawing figures looks incredibly complicated and can be daunting for most people. However, you can learn how to draw human figures that look realistic. You will need to practice often to start to see your art improving, but you can start with basic shapes you already know how to draw, connect them together, and add details to create a realistic human figure.

If you’re ready to learn who to draw figures, go ahead and get started today. Check out the drawing classes available online to learn more about how they can help you start drawing figures that look realistic and that will be exactly what you might imagine. Even if you don’t know how to draw more than a stick figure, you’ll be able to learn to draw with the lessons available now.

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