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Susan’s Skillshare Review

Throughout my time as a fashion designer, I’ve learned a lot of skills and techniques I use to improve my work and to continue to create amazing designs. Like any professional, I continue to take classes and to learn about my industry. This allows me to continue to grow. Through this SkillShare review, I’ll explain why I like using SkillShare to learn more and why I would recommend it to any upcoming fashion designers.

Learning About Fashion Design

Fashion design is more than just having an eye for what looks fantastic. It’s crucial to know how pieces should go together, how to predict trends, what fabrics to use for certain looks, and more. While this is something that you can learn through experience, classes can help you learn a lot faster and can enable you to get the skills you need to break into the fashion design industry. I’ve taken a number of fashion design courses to learn new skills and improve the skills I have.

Learning About Figure Drawing

Figure drawing is important for fashion designers. Most fashion designers start with sketching what their newest piece will look like. To do this, they need to be able to sketch a figure to wear the dress. Not knowing how to draw won’t stop you from being a fashion designer. Figure drawing classes can teach you everything you’ll need to know about how to draw the figures so you can sketch out your design ideas quickly and easily.

Taking Classes Online

Many people don’t have time to enroll full-time in a fashion design school, but that’s not always needed for someone to start designing their own clothes. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to design clothes, start taking classes online. I’ve taken Skillshare’s classes in the past and I’ve learned a lot that helps me with figure drawing and fashion design. Skillshare classes cover everything from the basics to more advanced techniques and you can work on them in your spare time.

Skillshare’s Online Offerings

Skillshare is an excellent online site for learning how to create your own designs or for learning how to draw figures. Skillshare offers several different free classes you can do in your spare time. Skillshare also offers a premium subscription at an affordable price that you can use to take more classes or to be able to download the classes so you can work on them in your spare time. It’s an excellent website if you’re looking for fashion design-related classes. You can take classes ranging from beginner topics to more advanced ones that go in-depth about the fashion designs you’re interested in.

Why I Like Skillshare

I like Skillshare because of the variety of courses available as well as how easy it is to take the classes I’m interested in. I’ve taken a number of classes on Skillshare and will continue to take more classes as they’re offered. This gives me a chance to stay on top of the latest changes in the fashion design industry, to learn how to use new programs essential in the fashion industry and more. I find the classes are easy to take and that it’s easy to learn new skills through Skillshare as I can work on the classes that interest me whenever it’s convenient for me.

Why Review Recommends Skillshare for Fashion Designers

Whether you’re new to the fashion world or you haven’t even tried fashion design but think it’s something you might want to do, Skillshare’s classes are an excellent way for you to learn more about the fashion industry and what you’ll need to do to get started. I recommend this to any new fashion designer. The Skillshare website makes it easy to learn everything you need to know before you start designing your first outfit. From there, you can take advantage of more advanced classes to hone your knowledge and really start to take off in the fashion industry.
If you’re interested in learning fashion design, give Skillshare a try today. I’ve used it quite a bit and, as this Skillshare review shows, I speak highly of it as a way to learn more skills relevant to the fashion design industry. I plan on continuing to take more classes on Skillshare to continue to improve my knowledge of figure drawing, fashion design, and related topics so I can continue to create amazing pieces. Check out the classes today to learn more about what’s available and why you might want to try a class today. Also, look at other Skillshare reviews.